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Nylon Coffee: Showcasing fine coffees sourced from meaninful relationships

Nylon Coffee: Showcasing fine coffees sourced from meaninful relationships

Nylon, one of Singapore's finest roasters makes its Coffeevine debut with an exquisite washed Ethiopian coffee from Nensebo Riripa station

I am a fan of portmaneaus. Last year, this kind of word was elevated to new heights thanks to the advent of Barbenheimer – the two major Hollywood blockbusters that were Barbie and Oppenheimer. By combining two individual words to create a new one, you are effectively doubling the power of the word’s meaning, essentially creating a super word. I think the same way about the power of combining the skills and experience of two close individuals to birth a new kind of super organism.

In the case of Jia and Dennis Min, the Singaporean husband and wife duo that founded Nylon Coffee Roasters in 2010, this is a case on point. Nylon is a portmanteu of New York (NY) and London where they spent some time while in their previous careers in banking and IT, respectively. It was during this time in these major metropolises that Jia and Dennis first discovered specialty coffee and became fascinated with the product and the industry.

After moving back to Singapore, they decided that coffee would be their future and they began to dive into the subject by learning all they could find on the topic and by embarking on sourcing trips to Central America in 2011. During these visits, Jia and Dennis met some amazing people who introduced them to the real life of a coffee producer, something that opened their eyes and inspired them to try and source their future coffees directly where possible.

This consistent approach has allowed them to build one of Singapore’s leading specialty coffee brand that has both a roastery and a café in the prosperous city state in South East Asia. I first came across Nylon while searching Instagram for potential Global roasting partners for our expanded monthly offering of coffees and after a short video call with Jia and Dennis, we collectively decided that wanted to embark on a partnership.

I really like how Nylon puts transparency at the core of its business having signed up to the Transparency Pledge back in 2022. Even with so much more focus on coffee supply chains these days, there are still many elements that remain shrouded in mystery and are often hard to detangle. But much effort has been made to push this matter forward and roasters are an essential building block in this drive.

In our May 2024 selection, Nylon is making its Coffeevine debut with an absolutely delicious washed Ethiopian coffee from Nensebo Riripa, a classic Sidamo coffee that offers a floral and citrusy cup with delicate herbal notes. This is the kind of Ethiopian coffee that I personally love and that I know many of our subscribers love too. Nylon’s off to a great beginning!

To receive this excellent coffee along with its companions in the Global roasters selection, order our Global coffee roasters one-off box or the Total Package with all European roasters and our two Global roasters.

Pre-orders close on 15.05.2024 / Ships globally on 20.05.2024

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