This is the second Coffeevine box that I am announcing since the lockdown came into effect and here’s to hoping that it might be the last before the restrictions on public life are gradually lifted.

While we are relatively lucky that our business can continue without any major restrictions, we have experienced a mix of existing customers tightening their purses and new ones coming flooding in.

It’s strange to say this but the April ’20 coffee box edition was our biggest ever shipment. So yey to that!

With the April ’20 coffee box no longer available, I’m thrilled to share with you the contents of our upcoming May ’20 coffee box.

Here at The Coffeevine, it’s always been our goal to offer our customers a unique coffee experience that consists of our varied and engaging online content, our reliable delivery and the exciting selection of coffees that we curate every month.

It’s not always easy to get hold of more unusual origins or more experimental processing methods but lately, we’ve been doing a pretty good job at highlightings some rarer coffees. May will be no different.

Now, let me introduce you to our next edition.


Romania is a nation of incredible natural beauty and a turbulent history. I spent a good five months living in Bucharest during the spring / summer of 2009 on secondment, which gave me a chance to get to explore the country and get to know its people.

If one thing is for certain, then its that Romanians are incredibly passionate and warm people who have always been obsessed with coffee. At the time of my residence there, Starbucks provided the fanciest cup of coffee you could get and since then, a lot has changed.

From Bucharest to Brașov and Cluj to Iași, you can now find exquisite third wave coffee bars that are pushing the bar higher and higher. Meron from Cluj is one of those.

This colourful specialty roaster is where the current Romanian Barista Champion Delia Avram works and Meron is widely regarded to be one of the country’s most exciting roasters.

In addition to making its debut in our box, Meron will also be offering us our first Anaerobic Macerated coffee from Brazil. This coffee comes from the Das Colimas farm in the Caparaó Mountains and was fermented for 96h, which gives it a gorgeous flavour profile with notes of dark chocolate, plum and rum.

May 2020

Crafthouse Coffee

Last year, Tom Osbourne was featured with his roastery in one of our boxes for the first time and since then, he’s been building his team and expanding his network of partners to make Crafthouse Coffee an exciting player in the British specialty coffee scene.

Tom has always been a big advocate of creating close relationships with producers and pushing for more transparency in the supply chain to show that paying above market prices for really great coffees can go a long way.

Once the coffees reach the capable hands of the Crafthouse Coffee team, they are carefully roasted to bring out the finest flavours so we can enjoy them in the comforts of our own homes (at least while the cafés are closed).

For the May ’20 coffee box, Crafthouse Coffee will be offering to us a really special coffee from Papua New Guinea, an origin that we’ve never featured before.

While Indonesian coffees have made an appearance here and there, PNG has not made the cut so far, also because no one has really sent us any Papuan coffees to consider. Thank you Tom!

This delicious coffee comes from a plantation in the Aiyura Valley that was founded by Ben Colbran in the 1960’s. It is still run by his decendants today and a great example of the fine specialty coffees that can originate from PNG. It consists of the Arusha and Mundo Novo varieties.


Tane Roasters Collective

The third and final roaster to complete our selection for May is Tane Roasters Collective, a newcomer from the Belgian city of Leuven.

Founded by the Jasper de Clerck, the former head roaster at The Barn and MOK and current part-timer in the quality department at 32 Cup, Tane Roasters Collective is still so new that they haven’t quite finished the design of their bags yet but that didn’t stop them from reaching out to us for a potential feature.

We’re always looking for promising new roasters whose business we can put in the spotlight and help them reach new customers by means of our boxes.

With plenty of experience working as head roaster at some of our favourite roasters, Jasper has got the right set of skills to make Tane a big success and if his coffees are anything to go by, then he’s got a bright future ahead of him.

In continuation of our efforts to share more unusua origins, Tane is also going to supply us with a fine coffee from a country that has not made an appearance in our coffee box since July of 2019.

Hailing from the Nemba processing station in the northern Kayanza province, this coffee is both bright and clean and offers lovely notes of pear, white grape and rose.

Roasting Monday 9 Sept-1661 nologo

Keen to enjoy these outstanding coffees?


Sign up for a subscription or purchase a one-off box today to receive our May ’20 coffee box.

Preorders close on 15-05 | Ships globally on 20-05

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