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Looking for a talented video/photographer

Looking for a talented video/photographer

We're looking for someone who can help us to create engaging and exciting video and photo content for The Coffeevine & Freshdrip

This is an entry-level free lance gig for someone who is either a student in this field or a recent graduate looking for some work experience/cash on the side.

You will be working closely with Coffeevine and Freshdrip founder Alex Kitain to create engaging video and photo content for social media, newsletters, digital ads and the corresponding websites.

A good sense of humor and an affinity for creating memorable content are a big bonus.

What we do:

The Coffeevine is a monthly coffee subscription service, online retailer and publisher of a variety of coffee-related content centred around Alex Kitain. Freshdrip is a portable instant coffee dripper that allows anyone to brew fresh filter coffee on the go. Both brands are owned and run by the same people but have separate brand identities and customer bases.

Required experience:

  • Experience with shooting video and photo using semi)-professional equipment is required
  • Appropriate knowledge of sound and light is important
  • An affinity for creating cool sets is appreciated
  • Experience with editing in Final Cut, Photoshop & Lightroom is required

What we offer:

This gig will require a few days of work per month, depending on the level of content to be created. Approximately 5-7 days per month. 

Competitive market-rate pay on a free-lance basis. Plus free coffee every month!

Other requirements:

  • Must be based in Amsterdam or surroundings
  • Must be registered and allowed to work in the EU
  • Must be LGBTQI friendly

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