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✓ Boxes à café mensuelles uniques

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Here you’ll find articles about our boxes, custom brew guides, interviews, and other interesting stuff.

Looking cleared-eyed into the future. The story of Lucid Coffee Roasters.

Stephen Houston makes his solo Coffeevine debut in April with Lucid Coffee Roasters and a super tasty coffee from Burundi

Our brew guide for the March 2023 box

Discover how to brew with the Hario Switch and check out the recipes from our three brilliant March 2023 box roasters for this brew guide

DAK, Sloane and Lucid in our April 2023 box!

For our upcoming April 2023 Coffeevine box we're teaming up with three exciting roasters to bring you a delicious spring edition

La Cabra is spreading its wings and flying

Denmark's La Cabra are finally back in one of our boxes this month with a super delicious Parainema coffee from Honduras

Cologne’s specialty coffee pioneer Ernst is growing up

Two years since the last feature, Ernst is back with elegant new packaging that pays hommage to its outstanding coffees.

From real estate student to French Brewers Cup Champion – the story of Charity Cheung

Meet the co-founder of Moklair, one of our March 2023 Coffeevine box roasters, and guest of my first podcast episode, Charity Cheung

Our brew guide for the February 2023 box

Find the perfect recipes to brew the yummy coffees from our February 2023 Coffeevine box as well as our GEMS #9 limited edition.

La Cabra, Moklair & Ernst in our March 2023 box

The March 2023 Coffeevine box will focus on African coffees and varietals courtesy of La Cabra, Moklair & Ernst

TOMA CAFÉ: Madrid based pioneers finally make their debut

After years of being a fan of TOMA CAFÉ, these Madrid based prodigies finally get featured in a Coffeevine box with a yummy Guatemalan coffee

Standout Coffee from Stockholm is our next GEMS guest roaster

Stockholm based boutique roasters makes its Coffeevine debut with a spectacular natural Geisha from Finca Hartmann

Neighbourhood Coffee: Deadly serious about having a good time

The Liverpool champions who have one of the most entertaining Instagram accounts for coffee mark their debut in one of our boxes

Rozali Coffee: A new high-end roastery from Berlin takes flight

Get under the skin of Rozali Coffee, the new boutique roastery from Berlin that is aiming to showcase the most spectacular coffees

Our brew guide for the January 2023 box

Featuring the CAFEC Flower Dripper and recipes from our three roasters as well as from me, this guide will help you brew great coffee

Rozali, TOMA and Neighbourhood Coffee in our February 2023 box

Three Coffeevine newcomers will make their debut in our upcoming February 2023 Coffeevine box showcasing some of their best coffees

Brander: Belgian specialty coffee with a minimalist approach

Meet the husband and wife team that sold their travel management company to set up a trending specialty coffee bar in the town of Halle

KAWA: The French specialty roaster making a splash on the European stage

Meet KAWA from Paris who has become synonymous with the fast-changing third wave coffee culture in the French capital

Kiss The Hippo: Serious about coffee. Even more serious about nature.

Interview with Kane Statton about Kiss The Hippo's drive towards carbon negativity, its relationship with Honduras and pushing organic coffee

Our brew guide for the December 2022 box

I share my recipe for brewing delicious coffee with the Chemex, the ideal brew method for making coffee for yourself and your loved ones.

Kiss The Hippo, KAWA and Brander in our January 2023 box

For the first Coffeevine box of the new year, we're teaming up with three talented roasters from the UK, France and Belgium

Nomad Coffee: More nimble and stronger than before.

Francisco Gonzales, head of coffee at Barcelona's Nomad, opens up about slimming down the business, looking ahead and what's great about Burundi

Discover our first ever Yemeni coffee in our eighth GEMS edition

Roasted by former World Roasting Champion and Italian superstar Rubens Gardelli especially for this exclusive Coffeevine feature

Morgon Coffee Roasters: Gothenburg’s rising specialty coffee darlings

I catch up with Morgon Coffee Roasters co-founder Christian Gullbrandsson to chat about Morgon's early days, sourcing and a mysterious café

Calendar Coffee: From the rugged West of Ireland come delicious seasonal coffees.

The colourful roaster from Galway chats to The Coffeevine about sustainability, sourcing coffee from Guatemala and possible future plans

Our brew guide for the November 2022 box

Discover my recipe for brewing with the Flower Dripper alongside filter and espresso recipes from Mabó, Placid and COFFEE PLANT

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