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✓ Unieke maandelijkse koffie boxes

✓ Wereldwijde Bezorging

✓ Door experts uitgekozen

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Here you’ll find articles about our boxes, custom brew guides, interviews, and other interesting stuff.

Paper Mill: Bringing real specialty coffee to Estonia

Based in the capital Tallinn, this young specialty coffee roaster is shaking things up and helping to put Estonia on the global coffee map

Brew guide for January 2022 box

Discover and brew three stunning coffees from Meron, HAYB and Mokxa from our recently shipped January 2022 Coffeevine box

In the February 2022 box

For the upcoming February 2022 box, we're teaming up with Paper Mill, Three Marks and Parlor Coffee for a stunning taste sensation

HAYB: Costa Rica – La Guaca

The 2021 winner of our 'Best Packaging' Coffeevine Award is back with another exquisite Costa Rican coffee and a fresh new look

Meron: Honduras – San Rafael

Romania's Meron returns for its second Coffeevine feature, this time with a gorgeous natural-processed coffee from San Rafael in Honduras

In the January 2022 Coffeevine box

For the first box of 2022, we're teaming up with Meron, HAYB and Mokxa to bring you a stunning selection of coffees

Brew guide for December 2021 box

For this month's brew guide, I am starting a new movement. Brewing in bed with my beloved new Mountain Dripper.

An introduction to our new pricing structure for 2022 and other changes

We're introducing a new pricing structure for 2022 that includes a new base cost for our boxes and separate weight-based shipping costs

MOK – Ethiopia: Tessema Edima

One of Belgium's finest roasters is back with delicious Ethiopian coffee from Tessema Edima.

Ditta Artigianale: Kenya – Mutungati

Ditta Artigianale, the leading specialty coffee roaster from Florence is making its long-overdue Coffeevine debut with this lovely Kenyan

SlowMov – Ethiopia: Tsehay

Discover a gorgeous natural-processed Ethiopia from producer Tsehay Kabtamu roasted by our new friends from SlowMov in Barcelona

Brew guide for the November 2021 box

Brew the fruity and super yummy coffees from the recently shipped November 2021 Coffeevine box with this handy guide

In the December 2021 Coffeevine box

The December 2021 Coffeevine box, our final box of the year, will feature delicious coffees from SlowMov, MOK and Ditta Artigianale.

Ineffable Coffee: El Salvador – FES 48h anaerobic

Ineffable Coffee from Seville makes its debut in a Coffeevine box with a beautiful 48h anaerobically processed coffee from El Salvador

Frukt Coffee Roasters – Colombia, Crucero

Frukt Coffee Roasters who won the 2020 Coffeevine Award for 'Best Coffee' is back with a spectacular Colombian coffee from Ana Mustafá

Finally bringing back live Coffeevine events

After months of pandemic induced breaks to our live event scheudule, we recently hosted a banging live cupping in Helsinki

Round Hill Roastery: Colombia – La Claudina #2

British roaster Round Hill Roastery makes its Coffeevine debut in the upcoming November box with a lush Colombian coffee from Juan Saldarriaga

Brew guide for the October 2021 box

Here's the brew guide for the October 2021 box with a custom AeroPress recipe from us and handy recipes from our three roasters

In the November 2021 Coffeevine box

Discover three absolutely stunning coffees from Round Hill, Ineffable and Frukt as part of the upcoming November 2021 Coffeevine box

Keen Coffee: Peru – Agua de nieve

Discover a super juicy and tropical washed Peruvian coffee from Dutch coffee champs Keen Coffee in the upcoming Coffeevine box

Man versus Machine: Ethiopia – Diima Chelbesa

Offering a super sweet and incredibly juicy natural Ethiopia from Diima Chelbesa, Munich's leading specialty coffee roaster is back again

Brew guide for the September 2021 box

For this month's brew guide, I brought out my good old French Press, which makes a surprisingly and good and rewarding cup of coffee

In the October 2021 Coffeevine box

Our upcoming October 2021 Coffeevine box is filled with three gorgeous coffees that will be your ideal companion for those autumn days

Calendar Coffee: Guatemala – Sotero Cano

Ireland's Calendar Coffee is this month, this time with a super delicious selection of coffees from Guatemala

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