Playground Coffee HQ – Hamburg (DE)

Our favourite coffee man in Hamburg opens his first real HQ, and it's a wonderful and happy place that brings great coffee to the city's naughty mile

When you think of St. Pauli, especially as a foreigner, you think of Hamburg’s famous red light district, football and the biggest open air fun fair in Europe. Or, if you know a bit about Hamburg’s specialty coffee scene, you may have passed by here in previous winter months when Linus Köster was running his pop up Tørnqvist. Now that Linus has moved on to greener pastures, someone had to come in a fill the void, and that someone is Veljko Tatalovic of local coffee heroes Playground Coffee.

Playground Coffee founder Veljko Tatalovic
Playground Coffee founder Veljko Tatalovic

Housed inside a cozy space that previously hosted a local fashion designer, Playground’s new HQ is the perfect addition to their existing coffee bar inside Otto Burger and the cute Underground Kiosk by city hall.


The interior is a fun combination of playful design elements, toys, handmade furniture and top notch coffee making equipment. The stools and bar elements were made by local furniture maker Andreas Raab ( while Veljko chose a Victoria Ardiuno White Eagle to pull his espresso shots from.

Furniture made by Andreas Raab
Furniture made by Andreas Raab

Unlike his other two locations, this space lends itself to trainings and cuppings, but it also works great for just hanging out and perving over Veljko at work. Just kidding.

The espresso machine
The espresso machine

What’s nice to see is that Hamburg’s coffee scene continues to develop and local entrepreneurs are not afraid to set up shop in parts of town that are in serious need of more life and great coffee.

Opening Times:
Mon - Fri: 8 - 18, Sat - Sun: 10 - 16:30
Victoria Ardiuno White Eagle
Coffees On Offer:

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