Stor Coffee – Warsaw (PL)

A friendly and stylish pair of cafés in Warsaw that supports LGBT rights and makes a damn good cup of coffee in a beautiful setting.

The streets of Warsaw are a constant surprise to any visitor. Full of exciting street art, interesting little food joints and the occasional specialty coffee bar where you can kick back and enjoy a perfectly prepared cup of coffee. After spending some hours zooming along the river banks of the Vistula river with my partner and popping in and out of exciting museums like the übercool Neon Museum, we raced back into the city center on our electric scooters to rest our feet at Stor, a fine little coffee bar with two locations in the Polish capital.



We stopped at their Bracka location that overlooks a small square and offers cosy mezzanine seating as well as few tables street-side. The set up is compact with espresso shots being pulled on a La Marzocco GS3 and filter coffee options also featuring on the menu. We settled for a lovely and silky flat white that was the perfect afternoon pick-me-up that we both needed.

Like many Warsaw cafés, Stor also has a strong position on being a place where everyone is welcome, no matter the colour, race or sexual orientation, something I found particularly positive and encouraging at a time when the Polish right-wing government is promoting homo- and xenophobia on a national level.


Founder Krzysiek Rzyman and photographer Michał Janica wanted to create a space where great coffee and having a positive impact on the community and the environment stood in the foreground. They have a composter that turns everyday food waste and coffee leftovers into nourishing compost while also giving customers a discount if they bring their own cups and using only paper or metal straws in their cafés.

The fact that each café is also instagrammable to the max and just beautiful to look at also adds an element of attention to detail that the founders are proud of.

Also, check out their location at Tamka 33.

Opening Times:
Mon - Sun: 8:30 - 21:30
Price Check:
Espresso: zł9 / Flat White: zł12,50 / Filter: zł13
La Marzocco GS3
Coffees On Offer:

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Stor Coffee – Warsaw (PL)

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